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What Are Retaining Walls?

Retaining walls

Retaining walls are getting very popular among residential and commercial buildings. They have a unique design and style while they also help to create stonework in the yards. You will notice that the garden area will transform with flowerbeds .it will also help to save the soil from erosion and manage the flow of rainwater. The walls are constructed to bear the pressure and burden of soil and hold all the materials inside. One of the most popular retaining walls in brisbane is a gravity wall. It helps to keep the soil fertile by keeping away all the pressure created by harmful elements. The walls are built with many different materials, and the bricks, pavers, or stones are some of the best options you can choose from. Many people love to have dry-stacked stones in their yards as it enhances the appeal. If the walls are short in length and width, a small trench will be created to make it healthy.

Cantilevered retaining wall

The cantilevered retaining wall is sturdy and lasts for a long time. It is usually made of concrete or masonry, and the foundation of a slab at the base will make it suitable for most of the gardens. The wall is supportive and forms an L shape, and it can hold the soil’s weight very well. The retaining structure is so strong that it will not move around even with impacts and shocks from intense weather conditions. It features vertical wings, and that makes these walls strong and rigid. The cantilevered retaining walls are a perfect choice for commercial buildings and keep them safe. If there isn’t much space in your home or other commercial buildings, a sheet pile retaining wall is the right choice. It is thin and not very weighty either while the construction is done with steel or wood.

Crib retaining wall and anchored retaining walls

Crib retaining walls are another type of gravity walls, and they have robust features. They are constructed using interlocking boxes that look elegant and classy. The boxes are made of quality materials like timber and concrete and are usually white. The crib retaining walls will protect the areas that are surrounded by plants or flowerbeds that are delicate. The counterfort feature wall and base slab, and it is suitable for the reconstruction of ancient buildings. There is another retaining wall, which is an anchored retaining wall. It is ideal for those areas where the space is limited, and plenty of loose soils are scattered over the rocks. The walls are installed by putting deep cable rods or wires at the base of the earth. There will be no sliding or overturning pressure.